Monday, August 5, 2013

Worship and its Blessings

Along with reading my Bible I have also just finished a book about the Wesley Brothers called Anatomy of Conversion, them being the "founders of Methodism, Methodists" One thing that I particularly liked and I feel is worth noting is their dedication to worship(writing, singing with others, leading others to and through worship, etc.) With that being said, I too feel as though there are countless... songs, even just verses that truly speak Gods Word and blessing. For those that have known me any amount of time I listen to any and all Christian music, tonight I wanted to share a verse from a "Christian rapper". Which per my opinion, I find redundant, because the majority of all songs rhyme, it's just that "rappers", at least Christian ones use a different heavy beat, but I digress. If you have read this far, below is the quote, I pray you agree and enjoy. Blessings

"Worship is my weapon, hands up when I'm stressin', 'cuz I prayed hard and I stay down and it's 'bout time for my blessin'"- Kaleb Starr

Our Father, and all that that implies

As you pray this morning (prayerfully) consider Matthew 6:9 "The Lord's Prayer", and the "outline" which it provides. Beginning with "Our Father" We must try our best to envision the reality and seriousness of that statement, the blessedness of what that title actually means to you and I. He is "Our Father", can anything be more glorious?! When we acknowledge Him as "Our Father", giver and sustainer of our very life, we then come to Him grateful, thankful, in awe of the grace, mercy, and love that He has once again given to us. "Our Father" has told us to come to know His goodness and glory more, and not only that, He than tells us to share Him, His grace, mercy, and love with others.

Slip, Trip, and Fall

If you've slipped, tripped, or fallen (spiritually speaking) get on your knees and pray. (Your down there already, might as well) in all seriousness, don't stay discouraged in your walk with God, be encouraged that He has still provided you enough strength, life, to call on Him.

You are amazing

"You are amazing God", but what about Him is amazing? I encourage you and I both to marvel at the awesome creator, and loving Father that is far greater than "amazing", yet we can start there and keep trying to praise His glorious name, and we should.

Prayer and Praise

Start your day with prayers and praise, and know that Gods grace will keep you safe, then when you go to sleep tonight, thank The Lord for His loving might.

Through His word...

I pray you all have a great night and in doing so I wanted to leave you this quote which has added to my joy of reading and sharing Gods word with others, and it is this;

"Through His Word The Lord leads us over and over, first to this word, and then to that, showing us His wonderful glory in every one of them." from John Bunyan's "Grace Abounding to The Chief of Sinners"

Have a blessed restful night.

Whole world in His hands

As I have been reading psalms I also came across this quote from C.S. Lewis; "The most valuable thing the Psalms do for me is to express the same delight in God which made David dance." Although Mr. Lewis did not go into detail about the tears David also suffered, I truly believe that no matter the circumstance, we CAN dance as David danced, because we know that God is sovereign! (He's in control!).

Or as I used to sing as a child "He's go the whole world in His hands, He's got the whole wide world in His hands!"